2010 Wickham Park Martathon

And 50, 100, and 200 mile fun runs
by Matt Mahoney

Photos by Jan Gagnier on facebook

67 runners are ready to go. (Photo by George Haddad).

The awards. A fake rock for the 200 mile winner. Fake pebbles for 100 mile winners. Everyone else gets nothing.

The start. I had to lead the first 3.75 mile lap with a 5 pound sack of flour to take care of last minute course marking.

Warren Caputo came from Atlanta to run 15 miles. (Photo by George Haddad).

I am falling behind. (Photo by George Haddad).

Jim Schroeder completed the first 50 mile stage in 11:53, then dropped after 7.5 more miles on day 2. (Photo by George Haddad).

John Pyle ran 50 miles in 12:07 and did not start day 2. (Photo by George Haddad).

(Photo by George Haddad).

Emiliano Lemus from Honduras was popular with the ladies after winning the 50 mile race in a course record time of 7:22:10. I asked if he would be running the next day and he said something about "loco".

Joe Ninke, going for his second fake rock, is still smiling after 76 miles done and 124 to go.

Cheryl Lager was also going for the fake rock, but was behind cutoff pace and dropped after 87.5 miles.

Joe Ninke already won the fake pebble with a course record 19:28:50 for 100 miles, with 100 to go. The following photos are all from the first lap of day 3. Nobody else is left in the race.

Soccerfield Ridge.

Sahara Street.

Sometimes this part is under water.

Joe Ninke won the fake rock for 200 miles in 43:10:30. (Photo by Cheryl Lager)