Ultra Mailing Lists

To subscribe to ULTRA, send a one line message to listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu with the line:

SUBSCRIBE ULTRA Firstname Lastname

substituting your name, of course.

You don't need to have run any ultras to subscribe to the list. There are about 600-800 members on ULTRA. About half have never run one. The traffic is about 20 messages a day. The list was started around 1994. Kevin Sayers has archived some of the best posts from these lists.

After you subscribe, you'll get full instructions. Briefly, to post to ULTRA, send mail to ultra@listserv.dartmouth.edu. To unsubscribe, mail SIGNOFF ULTRA to listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu (the listserv address, not the posting address).

The Ultra-list is archived. General list archives are here.

Matt Mahoney matmahoney@yahoo.com