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2009 Vacation - Hardrock 100

Matt Mahoney's 2009 Vacation - Part 1 - Cape Cod, Pike's Peak, Mt. Elbert

I flew to Cape Cod on June 16, 2009 for one week to visit my family. My mother and brother Mike and I camped at Nickerson State Park. (They drove up from Daytona Beach a week earlier). My father and brother Dan live nearby in Brewster.

Dad, Mike, Dan, Mom.

On Wednesday Mike, Mom and I went to Fort Hill to hike the trails, then to Provincetown to climb the monument (twice, while waiting for Mike) and walk across the 1 mile long rock dike. On Saturday June 20 I ran a 5K in Yarmouth (20:42, kinda slow but only had my 6 oz XC shoes and not my 4 oz racing flats). On Monday June 22 while staying at Dad's house (avoiding camping because it had rained 2 days straight) I ran 9 miles through Nickerson to Orleans. I had planned to run 2-3 but got lost because it was overcast and couldn't tell which direction I was running.

On June 23 I got up at 2:30 AM (EDT), drove to Boston, flew to Colorado Springs, arriving at 12:30 PM (MDT) and since the weather was better, I drove to Pikes Peak to get started on my altitude acclimation. I drank 1/2 gallon of water on the way up to ward off altitude headaches. I stayed on the summit about 45 minutes.

The actual summit of Pikes Peak was a 10 foot high mound of snow in the parking lot at 14,110 ft.

I got to the Leadville Hostel (10,200 ft) about 8 PM and got a bed. The next day (Wed. June 24) I climbed Mt. Elbert (14,440 ft) with Jorund from Norway, who I met the night before at the hostel. We started from Halfmoon at 9:00 AM, reached the summit at noon. It took us 2 hours to descend. I didn't have any altitude sickness.

Jorund climbing Elbert with the Arkansas River valley and Twin Lakes in the background.

Me on Mt. Elbert. Mt. Massive is behind me.

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