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Mt. Sherman - June 28, 2008

Ole from Norway and I climbed Mt. Sherman (14,036 ft) and Sheridan (13,748 ft) from Iowa Gulch on June 28, 2008. The route starts at 11,900 ft. after 4 miles of paved road and 2 miles of dirt road from Leadville CO. The route descends into the marshy upper gulch then traverses talus and turns left up to the saddle between Sheridan (ahead) and Sherman (left, out of picture).

Trail to Sherman.

The trail crossed some snow fields which are icy in the morning before the sun starts to soften it. We crossed without much trouble by stepping in the footprints of other climbers before us.

Ole climbing the rocky trail.

Climbing toward the 13,100 ft saddle between Sherman (ahead) and Sheridan (right).

Mt. Sheridan.

Climbing Sherman.

Climbing Sherman.

Trail to Sherman summit.

Ole struggling up Sherman at about 13,500 ft. Sheridan is in the background.

View to east from Sherman slopes. It is possible to drive a jeep from Alma to a little below the saddle, making it a shorter climb than from the Leadville (west) side.

View to the west toward Leadville. We started from the road below.

View north toward Gemini Peak from Sherman Summit. It took us about 1:15 to reach the summit.

View south toward Sheridan from summit.

Ole and me on Sherman.

Mt. Sheridan summit. From the saddle we climbed 600 ft. to Sheridan and back. It took about 45 minutes round trip. The whole climb took about 3 hours.