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Ouray - July 13 2008

The Hardrock course has a new route through Ouray this year. Instead of entering on the Box Canyon road and exiting on the pipeline road, the new route follows the Ouray Perimeter Trail in and out of town. It was a little after midnight when I first came through, so I didn't get any pictures. Instead, I came back the day after the race to take these photos.

Mile 42. The new route leaves Camp Bird road about 100 yards before the Box Canyon road, following the chalk arrows into town.

View of Ouray from the Perimeter trail.

We cross a bridge over a gorge 100 ft deep. In the dark I had no idea.

View of bridge from above.

View of bridge overlooking Ouray.

View from bridge looking upstream (south).

View from bridge looking downstream (north).

View looking straight down. The rocks are 100 feet below.

View looking straight down over the edge of the bridge.

Tunnel entrance.

The tunnel is about 5 feet high and 50 feet long. At night there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

After exiting the tunnel you descend a ramp cut into the side of a rock wall (looking back toward the tunnel exit).

Looking back at the ramp.

After descending the ramp, the trail traverses steep slopes.

The trail overlooks Box Canyon.

Then you take the road into town to the aid station near the hot springs.

Mile 43. After leaving town, you ascend a trail along the ice climbing park. Then you cross Camp Bird Road, stay on the perimeter trail for another mile until it rejoins the old route on the east side of the Uncompaghre River.

Viewing area for the ice climbing park. Of course there is no ice on the canyon walls in the summer.