Matt Mahoney's 2008 Colorado Vacation
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Mosquito Pass - July 1, 2008

John, Henry, and I hiked miles 10 through 16 of the Leadville Marathon course. This section climbs from the Diamond Mine aid station at 11,180 ft to Mosquito Pass at 13,185 ft (the half marathon point) and back (see map and elevation profile). The marathon is on Sat. July 5. I ran it last year in 5:45, about 2:20 slower than my sea level time.

Start of our hike at the Diamond Mine.

Start of the climb.

John at about 12,000 ft. Mt. Massive is in the background.

View looking back (west) from about 12,000 ft. We started just beyond the 2 lakes. Mt. Elbert is the tall peak near the center. Mt. Massive is far right.

View southeast toward Mt. Dyer (left) and Gemini Peak (right). The road climbs to the left.

Climbing near 12,500 ft. Gemini Peak in the upper left background.

The half marathon point.

Henry approaching Mosquito Pass.

Henry at Mosquito Pass.

John approaching Mosquito Pass. View is looking north. The course approaches from the left and turns around back to Leadville. On race day there will be an aid station here. The road continues downhill to Fairplay.

John looking for a geocache. It is under the rock exactly 8 feet at bearing 7 deg. north from the headstone (about 4 feet closer than where he is looking). He did eventually find it. But if you want to know what is inside, you will have to find it yourself.

Returning from Mosquito Pass.

View looking north from about 12,500 ft.

View looking east from about 12,500 ft. The Diamond Mine (mile 16) is just beyond the far lake. The course then continues uphill on the road behind the lake.

Still descending. View is looking southwest.

Still descending. View is looking south.

Still descending. View is looking south.

Still descending. View is looking west from about 12,000 ft.

Descending to treeline at 11,800 ft. Elbert and Massive are on the horizon. This 6 mile section took us about 4 hours. I hope to be a bit faster on Saturday.