Matt Mahoney's 2001 Colorado Vacation

Sawyer Mt. Trail Run, 27 Miles

July 1, 2001. The Sawyer Mountain Trail Run in the Gila National Forest near Hillsboro NM had 3 starters and 2 finishers. Race director and 2:25 marathoner Mark Dorion of El Paso won in 7:01. I was second in 8:11. The race was at 7000-10,000 ft. altitude, with climbs up 10,000 ft. Hillsboro Peak and 10,000 ft. Sawyer Mountain.

I might have broken 8 hours except that I ran a "bonus mile" near the end. I thought something was wrong when I went down a steep canyon on bad trail and was running toward the afternoon sun when I should have been going north. Oops, get out the map and compass. Mark supplied the maps, which was a good thing because the course was not marked.

Mark Dorion leads the Sawyer Mountain Trail Run, wisely carrying enough water to get through the 5 hours it will take to reach the first aid station (his tent) at 15 miles.


The views from the 80 ft. fire tower on 10,000 ft. Hillsboro Peak, which is part of the course. Left: helicoptor landing pad. Right: the stairs, looking down.