Matt Mahoney's 2001 Colorado Vacation

Leadville Marathon

July 7, 2001. There were 128 finishers. Tom Sobal won in 4:03. Considering that he once won a snowshoe marathon in 3:06 says something about this course. It starts at 10,150 ft. elevation, climbs to 13,150 ft. Mosquito Pass, and returns. In between are two loops around Ball Mountain that brings the total climb to about 5,300 ft.

I finished in 6:18 for 79th place, but at least I managed a negative split (3:25 at the pass :-). As far as I know, the only other Hardrock runner in this race was Bob Boeder, who ran 6:14, but only made it to mile 57 at Hardrock.

The start, and lowest point in the race at 10,150 ft.

Approaching treeline at 11,800 ft.

The climb to Mosquito Pass gets steeper.

The aid station and half way point at Mosquito Pass, 13,150 ft.