Matt Mahoney's 2001 Colorado Vacation

Mt. Evans, 14,264 Ft.

June 27, 2001. Since this was my first full day at altitude, I needed a nice easy 14er to climb. Mt. Evans has a road to the top; perfect, except I only took the road to Summit Lake at 12,700 ft.

Mt Evans in the distance as seen from the beautiful Echo Lake. It's kind of hard to see the cliff face in this picture, though.

Here's a closer view, as seen from the cliff face looking toward Summit Lake, below.

I was climbing the "Snave" route, which has a class 4 pitch at the top. Here it is, looking straight up. I chickened out and took an easier route to the summit along the shelf.

But just to show you it's possible, here is another climber (in the shadows at the center of the picture) coming up the class 4 couloir, seen from above.

Here I am at the summit. There were plenty of people up here to take my picture. Most of them arrived by car. But now I was starting to get an altitude headache and it was time to descend the east face back to my car.