Matt Mahoney's 2001 Colorado Vacation

Crestone Run

Aug. 12, 2001, Crestone CO. The Crestone 21 and 13 mile runs were put on by Tom Woodard, who also ran the long course. The rest of us were wimps and ran the short (13 mile) course. The run started at the North Crestone campground and went northeast over the Sangre de Christo range crossing Venable Pass and Comanche Pass. About 5 other runners started on the other side of the range near Westcliffe and ran various short distances, prefering not to drive the 100 miles around the range to get to Crestone just 10 miles away by foot.

  21 Miles
  Tom Woodard         7:35

  13 Miles
  Phil Hadley         4:01
  Matt Mahoney        5:59
  Dave Noltensmeyer   5:59

Dave and I would have been a bit faster, but on the 12,800 ft. ridge between Venable and Comanche Pass, we climbed 13,334 ft. Venable Peak as a bonus climb. This may be a no fee, no aid, no award, no wimps race, but it was the views that were our reward.

(Left to right) Matt, Tom, Dave, and Phil at the start.

Dave on the "shortcut" trail.