Matt Mahoney's 2001 Colorado Vacation

Three Peaks 18 Mile Race

Aug. 5, 2001. The Three Peaks 18 mile race in the Santa Fe NM ski area climbed Lake Peak and Penitente Peak, about 12,200 ft. each, and Baldy Peak, 12,600 ft. Total climb was about 6000 ft. I finished in 6:18, about 20'th of about 25 runners. The winning time was 3:42. This was a no fee, no aid, no awards, and no wimps event. The entry form was a standard search and rescue form, asking e.g. height, weight, eye color, type of pack, color shirt, shoes, jacket, hat, etc. I refilled my water bottle from streams.

Jim Fisher and Ginny LaForme run up the jeep road from 10,000 ft., where the course is still easy.

It starts to get rougher on the ridge between Lake Peak and Penitente.

Approaching the knife edge ridge. There is a 20 foot long section of flat topped blocks about 2 feet wide with 20 foot drops on both sides.

If you're afraid of heights, you can always crawl across.