Matt Mahoney's Home Page

Welcome. I received my Ph.D at Florida Tech in 2003 and taught some classes there through 2009. I then worked at Ocarina Networks (bought by Dell in 2010) as a chief scientist specializing in data compression research until 2015. I am now retired.

I am also intrested in the cost and social impact of artificial intelligence. Are you smarter than a computer?

My hobby is running. Follow me on twitter, facebook, and athlinks

Races I direct

  • Wickham Park Marathon and 50, 100, and 200 mile fun runs, flat and fast.
  • Million Mile Ultra, the world's longest race.
  • Fourteener Rankings

    Other hobbies

  • 1998 Vacation Western States 100 and Hardrock 100
  • 1999 Vacation, Hardrock 100
  • 2000 Vacation, Hardrock 100
  • 2001 Vacation, Hardrock 100, Nolan's 14
  • 2002 Vacation, Capitol Peak, Maroon Bells, Crestones, Leadville 100 bike/run, Nolan's 14
  • 2003 Vacation, Leadville 100 run, the rest of the fourteeners (Needles, Wilsons, Little Bear, Pyramid).
  • 2004 Vacation, Meeker ridge, Windom, Sneffels, La Plata-Ellingwood, Hardrock 100.
  • 2005 Vacation, Eolus, Ice Mt, Hardrock attempts.
  • 2006 Vacation, Leadville marathon, and another Hardrock attempt (missed 48 hour cutoff by 6 minutes).
  • 2007 Vacation (improved Hardrock time by 5.5 minutes).
  • 2008 Vacation (another Hardrock DNF) and Ancient Oaks 100.
  • 2009 Vacation (Cape Cod, Colorado, Birthday 54K).
  • 2010 Vacation (Leadville). Space Coast Marathon.
  • 2011 Vacation (Leadville).
  • Longs Peak
  • Barkley, 15 starts, 0 finishes.
  • Some races and ultras I've run and mountains I've climbed.

    My late wife Joan held world records in perimeter bicycling, including rides around 20 countries, all solo, and perimeters in every state in the contintental U.S before she died in 2014. She had completed the Hawaii Ironman 3 times (swim 2.4 miles, bike 112, run 26). We had cats. My new love is Karen.

    Family history on my father's side.

    I maintain the race calendar and results for the Space Coast Runners in east-central Florida. Old results.

    Matt Mahoney, mattmahoneyfl at gmail dot com