Nolan's 14

Nolan's 14

Part 8 - Mt. Antero to the Finish

Nobody made it to the last three summits, Antero, Tabeguache or Shavano. Blake Wood set a course record of 11 summits, and in the process set a new 24 hour record of 7 summits (Massive through Oxford, as well as Huron through Yale). Three of the six runners broke last year's record of 7 summits.

I climbed Antero in training on June 26 in fog, rain, snow, and hail, and also Shavano last year 2 days after Hardrock. These are both easy sections. I believe the only difficult portions are Brown's Lake to Tabeguache, which I have not hiked.

Mt. Antero, during a one hour break between hailstorms, just enough time to climb the last 800 ft. from the end of the jeep road.

Looking toward Tabeguache and Shavano, hidden in clouds. Note the hikers below.

Looking down Shavano toward the finish at Blank Cabin (1999 photo by Jim Nolan).

Race headquarters in Buena Vista after the race. Left to right: Alex Vance (?), Jim Nolan, Betsy Kapiloff, Joe Florio, Fred Vance.

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