Report by Theodore Bross, posted July 12, 2021.

I wanted to submit to you my successful Nolan's 14, supported southbound effort. Total time was 53:00:09, just a bit faster than Andrew Hamilton's current supported southbound time, just short of the current southbound unsupported time set by Joe Grant.

Start time: 05:25 am on 7/3/21
Massive summit: 07:51 am
Elbert summit: 11:55 am
La Plata Peak: 16:33 pm
Huron Peak: 20:38 pm
Missouri Mountain: 00:15 am on 7/4/21
Mount Belford: 02:16 am
Mount Oxford: 03:00 am
Mount Harvard: 06:53 am
Mount Columbia: 09:01 am
Mount Yale: 13:33 pm
Mount Princeton: 20:47 pm
Mount Antero: 04:46 am on 7/5/21
Tabeguache Peak: 08:30 am
Mount Shavano: 09:15 am
Finish time: 10:25 am on 7/5/21

Garmin Inreach

Here is a write up I completed:

We arrived to the Colorado Fish Hatchery on July 3rd just a bit after 05:00 am and took some photos, stocked up my pack and exchanged some last-minute details about the upcoming festivities. My dad (Ted) was my crew chief who was helped by my girlfriend Hailey Holland, and friends Teddy Lyman (yes, there were 3 Teddy's involved), Abby Levene, Jeff Urbanski, and Roger Matthews. Jeff accompanied me from the start at 05:25 am up Mount Massive, through my first aid stop on Half Moon road and ran with me until the top of Mt Elbert. Half Moon road is usually accessible via vehicle to the junction of 110J; however, due to road maintenance, my Dad and Hailey had to hike from about 5 miles out carrying heavy packs. Jeff took the more sensible route down the Elbert trail while I continued solo through aid at La Plata trailhead and up-and-down La Plata to aid in Winfield. Teddy Lyman accompanied me over Mount Huron where we were treated to a summit sunset at 20:38 pm and into aid at Clohesy Lake where my dad and Hailey hiked up supplies in backpacks. I ran solo overnight from Clohesy lake and tagged multiple summits including Missouri, Belford, Oxford, Harvard and Columbia. My friend Roger had hiked supplies up 10 miles to Pine Creek (between Oxford and Harvard), but we missed each other because I was running hours ahead of schedule! I met two hikers ascending Harvard, and can't thank Baker enough for giving me his Cliff Builder bar providing some much needed calories before aid in North Cottonwood, where my Dad and Hailey hiked in supplies. I ran solo over Mt Yale. I arrived to the Denny Creek trailhead at 15:09 pm on July 4th (Happy Independence Day!) and received aid from multiple friends including Roger with his wife Deirdre, Abby with her boyfriend Kyle, Teddy Lyman, Hailey and my Dad. Teddy Lyman jogged with me on the 5 mile road run in hot temps from the Denny Creek trailhead to the Colorado trail and the start of the Princeton traverse. Abby geared up and ran with me over Princeton, getting a show of fireworks, lightning and a double rainbow over the Buena Vista valley, we summited minutes after sunset at 20:47 pm. We jogged into aid at Alpine where I slept for 15 minutes in the back of our crew car, my only sleep on the run. Teddy Lyman joined me for the final three peaks. We summited the final peak, Mount Shavano at 09:13 am consistent with 51h 48m 39s into the run. The two of us pushed hard to the Blanks Cabin trailhead, arriving at 10:25 am with a final accumulated time of 53h 00m 09s. I carried a Garmin InReach which in addition to providing my mom some comfort, also allowed live tracking via the garmin mapshare. I utilized 2 different GPS watches to track the run, and took videos on every summit but Mount Massive which was documented with photos. I kept a running timer on my phone for the duration of the run, which was consistent with data from the above tracking devices. There were plenty of mountain streams on and between peaks where I refilled a filter top water bottle. I carried an assortment of calories including fig bars, olives, peanut butter crackers, mama chia packs, and Spring Energy gels. My crew prepared backpacker rehydrated meals at all aid stops where I usually took in 400-600 calories. This run was a culmination of 3 years of preparation all performed during my family medicine residency, including an attempt in September of 2020 in which I stopped after 12 peaks, returning to Alpine from Mount Antero via the Jeep road due to safety reasons. I completed my residency 3 days before starting this attempt, it felt fitting that these two life events should coincide as my move to Colorado for residency was the beginning of my infatuation with the Nolan's route and Colorado fourteeners. I am forever in debt to my Dad who, in addition to crewing every one of my 100 mile runs, was my crew chief for both of my Nolan's 14 attempts. I am so grateful for my girlfriend Hailey who hiked in supplies on multiple occasions and kept everything organized for my entire crew. After running solo the entire route the year before, I am so thankful for my friends who spent hours and miles with me (Jeff, Teddy L and Abby), the company made a huge difference.