From:  "Steve Bremner"
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 13:57:46 -0700 (PDT) 
Subject: Re: [nolans14] Nolan's 14 results 

Laila and I left from the Massive trailhead near Halfmoon Campground at 0615, Thursday morning. We just missed Hans, who had left at 0600. We climbed Massive together in just under three hours. On the way up "Donovan" from Los Alamos came running up from behind us. He had hoped to see Ginny or Blake. He didn't know the race was cancelled.

After summiting I proceeded down the backside, while Laila returned to the car, accompanied by Donovan. I caught up to Hans on the trail. I summited Elbert around 1330 and La Plata at 1800. Coming down La Plata I dropped too early, forced into a long traverse at 13,200 feet. This cost me an hour. I arrived at Winfield as darkness set in around 2030. I was done.

I just couldn't get into the run this year. No excuses. Just no motivation.

Laila and I relaxed the next day, finally finding a hotel in Buena Vista after long searching. On Saturday we climbed Shavano in the afternoon, staying on the summit from 1600 to 1800, waiting for anyone to come in. No one showed. As a final parting shot I signed off on channel 7 with "Nolan's 14 Lives!"

When I do Nolan's again it will be with a partner and it will be an all out attempt at finishing in 60 hours.

Best to all Nolan's participants and volunteers past and future.

Nolans 14 is a monument that cannot be taken away. It is there for anyone to attempt at any time.

Steve Bremner