To: "Nolan 14"
From:  "Hans-Dieter Weisshaar"
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 18:06:54 -0700 (PDT) 
Subject: [nolans14] 9 (only) 

Dear friends,

as long planned, I wanted to do a hike from Massive to
Yale just by myself, supported by no aid except Susi. 

In Leadville we met the German Reinhold, who got into
trouble with his german Volkswagen. He brought the car
on Thursday morning to a "foreign cars" garage. Susi
offered him to pick him up Thursday noon for hiking
with me from La Plata south. As he even was totally
unable (not typical for a German) to listen the
Sawatch 14er in the correct order and as he had
absolutely no clue about routes at all, I accepted him
to follow me. He did not mule or pace at all. I do not
want him listed as a 7 summit finisher, as it is in
total disagreement with the spirit of Nolan: to find
your own route.

I am feeling uneasy about John, Rollin and Mike, that
they lost the trails (or routes) and spent (John and
Rollin) a most likely unpleasant and cold night on top
of La Plata or a night in Pine Creek (Mike). But I am
happy, that this happened, as it shows the real NOLAN:
You have to put a lot of work into finding the
(optimal) routing. Like the old pioneers.

Therefore I hope, that Ginny and Eric had made it, as
they spent many weeks out there exploring. 

I still (and this is the only point, I disagree with
Fred) believe, that at least you have to differentiate
between a solo hike or a hike together with others.
And I really believe, that a solo hike is much more
difficult than (as Reinhold and some others did) just
hiking behind another, who knows the route. Remember
Mike and John and Rollin: even although all of them
explored the Sawatch, they got lost.

I also would like to eliminate from the website any
route despcription, if they are good or less good. The
list of the 14er is sufficient for trying it. Solo.

Now my short report:
                         in     out
Mt. Massive TH                  0600  Thursday
Mt. Massive             0904    0904
South Halfmoon TH       1038    1046  
Elbert                  1338    1341
Echo Canyon             1615    1617
La Plata TH             1650    1702 
La Plata                2050    2050
Winfield                0004    0915 ! Friday  
Huron                   1217    1241
Clohesey Lake           1415    1438
Missouri                1710    1715
Missouri Gulch TH       1935    0130 ! Sat.
Belfort                 0422    0423
Oxford                  0515    0515
Pine Creek              0655    0702
Harvard                 0957    1000
French Creek (?) 12250  1111    1111
Columbia                1317    1317
N. Cottonw.-Bear Creek  1540

We rested the first night in the RV at Wnfield and got
a perfect service. As we did not want to stay the
second night out there with any support (at Pine Creek
or North Cottonwood), we had an active rest day on
Friday with just Huron and Missouri. we slept a bit in
the RV at Missouri Gulch. Matt got a lot of homemade
goulashsoup (five bowls) and pie and hot chocolate
too, when he came down Friday late afternoon.
I planned to climb Yale as well and we started at
0130, but we got into a really heavy hail-thunderstorm
at noon, which forced us to stop at about 13500 feet,
just 25 minutes before Columbia. We stooped for almost
45 minutes in hail and wind and continued hypothermic
very slowly, as there were still thunders and dark

Yesterday I thought, it is enough with the Nolan
stuff. Today I discussed with Matt a try in mid-June:
long daylight, snowfield-glissades and better weather.
But I barely can convince Susi to come again next year
for crewing and leaving Europe and the home there.

Thanks Fred and all of you friends. I love it.