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Matt Mahoney's 2002 Colorado Photos (Crestones, Bells, Leadville 100 bike/run, etc.)

2002 Nolan's 14 Photos

The following photos were taken by Matt Mahoney during Nolan's 14, Aug. 22-24, 2002.

A little over two hours into the race, the pack gathers on the summit of Shavano to radio in their positions.

(Left) Looking toward Brown's Lake and Antero (summit #3) from Tabeguache (summit #2). (Right) Cook your own steaks at the Browns Lake "aid station".

Bobby Keogh climbing to the lower basin below Antero.

Oops. Hazards of the Mt. Antero jeep road. Behind, Steve Simmons climbs from the south basin.

Bobby Keogh descending the northeast ridge of Princeton (summit #4) toward Maxwell Gulch just before dark.

Steve Simmons climbing the east ridge of Yale (summit #5) on the morning of day 2.

(Left) The north avalanche chute descent from Yale as seen from Columbia. We bushwack down the chute in the center of the picture. (Right) The chute was littered with aircraft wreckage, like this engine, about 3 feet across.

Steve Simmons climbing the 70% grade up the south ridge of Columbia, summit #6. Fortunately the grade eases to about 50% above treeline.

Harvard (summit #7) seen from Columbia.

Missouri Mountain, summit #10, on the morning of day 3, as seen from the new trail up the north ridge. The top 3 runners, who came through yesterday, took the class 4 ridge shown here, directly from Elkhead Pass to the summit.

Looking west toward Clohesy Lake and Huron (#11) from Missouri.