[Nolans 14]

2000 Results

Aug. 12-14, 2000, Fish Hatchery to Mt. Shavano summit (north to south).
Blake Wood       11 (Princeton)
Matt Mahoney     10 (Yale)
Eric Robinson    9  (Columbia)
Gordon Hardman   3  (La Plata)
Jim Nolan        1  (Massive)
Joe Florio       1

           Wood  Mah-  Robi- Hard- Nolan Flo-
                 oney  nson  man         rio

Start      0600  0600  0600  0600  0600  0600
Massive    0843  0911  0911  0843  1135  1135
Halfmoon   1005  1052  1025  1005  1503  1503
  out      1012  1057  1030  1012  1547  1547
Elbert     1226  1325  1308  1235  2030* 2030*
Lake Ck TH 1420  1607  1536  1459  2345* 2345*
  out      1436  1612  1543  1512  drop  drop
La Plata   1648  1931  1900  18??
Winfield   1829  2350  2350  20??
  out      1913  0419  0419  drop
Huron      2145  0727  0727
Cloises Lk 0000  0910  0910
  out      0000  0950  0950
Missouri   0255  1220  1220
Mis. Gulch 0355  1326  1325
  out      0428  1345  1345
Belford    0555  1439  1439
Oxford     0655  1549  1549
Pine Ck AS 0834  1800  1800
  out      0910  1915  1915
Harvard    1217  2252  2252
Columbia   1442  0317  0317
N Cottonwd 1643  0615  0615
  out      1710  0705  drop
Yale       2134  1122
Denny Ck         1306
  out            drop
Avalanche  0137
  out      0611
Princeton  1230
Grouse TH  1515
  out      drop

*Turned 150 ft. from summit of Elbert due to ligntning and returned to Halfmoon.

The 2000 Run

The Aug. 12, 2000 run was north to south. This year, runners carried FRS radios to keep in contact with aid stations and each other. The six starters broke into three pairs on the climb up Massive, with Blake Wood and Gordon Hardman in front, Eric Robinson and Matt Mahoney second, and Joe Florio and Jim Nolan last. Two aid stations were set up on Half Moon Road to allow different routes between Massive and Elbert. Wood, Hardman, and Robinson took the direct route to the western station, while the others took the Colorado Trail - longer but better footing - to the eastern station, which turned out to be about 30 minutes slower.

Nolan and Florio, far behind the others, climbed Elbert in a storm and were turned back by lightning 150 feet from the summit at 8:30 PM. They returned to Half Moon in the rain at 11:45 PM and dropped.

Wood was 10 minutes ahead of Hardman on Elbert and ran the rest of the run alone. They were on La Plata when the storm hit. Hardman was suffering from hypothermia and dropped from the run in Winfield as darkness fell.

Mahoney chased Robinson over Elbert and La Plata in a drenching rain, catching him at 7:30 PM as Robinson began to descend La Plata's Ellingwood Ridge, a difficult class 3 route that would have taken him back north -- a serious error. Mahoney directed him by radio back to the summit, where the rocks were buzzing and crackling from static discharge in the mix of rain and snow. They stayed together for the rest of the run until Robinson dropped at North Cottonwood on the third morning with an inflamed ankle tendon.

Wood climbed and then made the difficult descent of Huron in darkness on icy rocks, while Mahoney and Robinson slept 3 hours at Winfield in order to reach the summit at sunrise. The climbs over Missouri, Belford, Oxford, Harvard, and Columbia were made in good weather. Wood waited out a 75 minute storm on the second evening just below treeline on Yale, while Mahoney and Robinson waited out the storm at the Pine Creek aid station prior to their nighttime ascents of Harvard and Columbia. After Robinson dropped, Mahoney went on to summit Yale just minutes before a hailstorm struck without warning. He decided against attempting the long climb up Princeton with 5 hours left, since it would not have advanced him past second place, with Wood having already climbed it first.

Wood, who had descended Yale the previous night, slept 4 hours before climbing Princeton via. the northeast ridge. He had descended via. the difficult Grouse Canyon route, intending to climb Antero, but decided against it with only 2:45 remaining at the bottom.

Providing aid for an event like this is an ultra in itself. Simon and Chris Shadowlight hiked 8 miles up the Pine Creek trail at night, and set up camp for two nights, in order to provide aid for 3 runners. Betsy Kapiloff had to climb 3000 ft. to set up a back country aid station and camp overnight in Missouri Gulch. Steve Bremner and Eric Robinson's brother John set up a camp at North Cottonwood, 2 miles from the trailhead, with the only two runners still remaining arriving on different days. Fred Vance had to ford an 18 inch deep river to get his jeep to Cloises Lake. He was only able to supply this aid because Blake Wood had a crew (his parents Phil and Joyce). Without these backcountry aid stations, we would have had to climb 7 consecutive mountains for 31 to 36 hours without aid. All of this aid, plus T-shirts, awards (hand-crafted prints by run director Jon MacManus), and pre and post run meals, were provided without cost to the runners.

Run report by Matt Mahoney
Run report by Fred Vance
Report for Ultrarunning by Fred Vance
Notes by Steve Bremner
Photos by Steve Simmons