Nolan's 14

60 Hours
100 Miles on Foot
14 Summits over 14,000 Feet
90,000 Vertical Feet
15% Finish Rate

Nolan's 14 is a run over the 14 summits over 14,000 ft. in Colorado's Sawatch Range, from Mt. Massive to Mt. Shavano in either direction. You can choose your own route between summits, but the most practical routes have been estimated to be 88 to 106 miles with 44,000 ft. of climb. Cutoff is 60 hours to the last summit. Course Description and Maps

This is not a race. Anyone may climb the Nolan's 14 route at any time of year, and these records will be recognized. The object is to climb as many 14ers as you can, traveling on foot, in 60 hours. Runners (and crew if you have one) must follow all wilderness regulations. For instance, group size is limited to 15. No course markings may be used. Food and water may not be stashed on the course. Trash must be packed out. Crew access is either on roads outside the wilderness, or is backpacked in. No entry fee is charged. Where did the name come from?


The previously scheduled event for 2003 has been cancelled and no events are planned for the future. If you run the Nolan's 14 course on your own and would like your name listed here, email Matt Mahoney at You may also send a trip report and a link to photos and I will post it. You may complete the summits in any order and don't have to finish all 14 of them.

The Rules

Note: you are free to make your own rules. This is what we used in the past.

  1. No pacers.
  2. No mechanical aid (walking sticks and GPS are allowed).
  3. No leaving the course and returning unless by foot.
  4. The time limit for an official finish is 60 hours.

There are no DNFs (Did Not Finish). (A finish is defined in terms of the number of 14,000+ foot peaks summitted in 60 hours, or the time elapsed in completing the course in 60 hours or less. Someone not reaching at least one summit is considered a DNS or Did Not Start.) You may complete the summits in any order and may use any route you want (on foot) between summits.

Elevation profile and suggested route (13 MB JPEG map) by Tom Lauren.

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Mile 41, Mt. Huron, east basin, 26 hours.

Mile 44, Mt. Missouri, west face.

Mile 45, Mt. Missouri, northwest ridge.

Mile 51, traverse from Oxford to Harvard.

Mile 55, ridge from Harvard to Columbia.

Mile 64, Mt. Yale, north ridge.

Mile 80, Mt. Princeton, northeast ridge.

Mile 81, Mt. Princeton, west ridge, 56 hours.

2002 Run Photos

2001 Run Photos

2000 Run photos

  1. Massive, Elbert, La Plata
  2. Huron
  3. Missouri
  4. Belford, Oxford
  5. Harvard, Columbia
  6. Yale
  7. Princeton
  8. Antero, Tabeguache, Shavano

Spreadsheet of all finishers by Bogie Dumitrescu.

1999 Results

Aug. 27-29, 1999, Angel of Shavano Campground to Mt. Massive (south to north). 1999 Run Details

Gordon Hardman   7 (Harvard)
Blake Wood       7
Fred Vance       7
Steve Simmons    4 (Princeton)

2000 Results

Aug. 12-14, 2000, Fish Hatchery to Mt. Shavano summit (north to south). 2000 Run Details
Blake Wood       11 (Princeton)
Matt Mahoney     10 (Yale)
Eric Robinson    9  (Columbia)
Gordon Hardman   3  (La Plata)
Jim Nolan        1  (Massive)
Joe Florio       1

2001 Results

Aug 16-18, 2001, Fish Hatchery to Mt. Shavano (north to south). Times are for the Mt. Shavano summit and Blank Cabin finish with 60 hour cutoff. Results to appear in Ultrarunning. 2001 Run Details.

Runner                  #14'ers  Time   Finish
Mike Tilden             14       56:22  58:51
Blake Wood              14       57:55  59:38
John Robinson           14       57:55  60:00
Jim Nelson              14       59:07  62:09
Ginny LaForme           11       55:26
Eric Robinson           11       56:57
Steve Bremner           11       57:50
Matt Mahoney            11       61:15
Dennis Herr             10       52:30
Hans Dieter Weisshar    9        58:27
Stephen Simmons         7        52:48
Simon Shadowlight       7        56:00

Maps used by Blake Wood in 2000 and 2001 with split times. The red line is from Fish Hatchery to Princeton in 2000. The blue line is to the finish in 2001 where it differs from the previous year. parts 1 and 2 (12 MB PDF each).

2002 Results

Aug. 22-24, 2002, south to north (Blank Cabin to Fish Hatchery)

Runner            #14'ers   Last summit  Finish
John Robinson     14        52:42        54:57
Eric Robinson     13        56:37
Ginny LaForme     12        54:41
Betsy Kalmeyer    12        58:58
Matt Mahoney      11        57:06
Bobby Keogh       11        58:56
Stephen Simmons   11        59:00
Rickie Redland     9        51:26
Richard Hypio      7        40:18
Tim Erickson       5        47:24
Dennis Herr        4        17:20
Dennis Hopkins     2         3:04
Don Mosel          2         3:05
Report by Eric Robinson
Report by Tim Ericson
Report by Matt Mahoney
Report by Steve Simmons

2003 Trip Reports

No race was held in 2003. However, some people attempted the course on their own. If you would like a link to your trip report and photos posted here, post it to the Nolans 14 mailing list or send it to mattmahoneyfl at gmail dot com.

Report by Eric Robinson (11 summits)
Report by Ginny LaForme (9 summits)
Report by Hans Dieter Weisshaar (9 summits)
Report by Steve Bremner (3 summits)
Report by Kris Kern (3 summits)

2004 Trip Reports

Report by Fred Vance (4 summits)

2007 Trip Reports

Report by Mike Wood (3 summits)

2008 Trip Reports

Report by Eric Lee (4 summits, Shavano to Princeton)

2009 Trip Reports

Report by Eric Lee 5 summits, Shavano to Yale on Sept. 5, 2009. Stepahie Ehret, Steve McClung, and Fritjof Fagerlund made the first 3 summits (to Antero).

2010 Trip Reports

Report by GreenHorn, July 27, 2010. 2 summits (Shavano to Tabeguache).

2011 Trip Reports

Report by Eric Lee, Sept. 3-4, 2011. 9 summits (Massive to Columbia) in 34:37. Photos.

Article in Out There Colorado.

2012 Trip Reports

Jared Campbell and Matt Hart tweeted that they had finished Nolan's 14 in 58:58. They went north to south, starting at 9:13:22 AM on Aug. 17. splits. Report.

Chris Gerber reports that Eric Lee finished Nolan's 14 in 57:27:14, starting at 6:00 AM Aug. 31 and going north to south. Trip report - short version long version. video.

2013 Trip Reports

Eric Robinson started a south to north attempt at 6:00 AM, June 19, 2013, ending at Yale (5 summits). Report. SPOT track.

Anton Krupicka attempted a north to south traverse starting at 2:00 AM, June 24, 2013. Follow. Follow. Report. Reported split times from start:

Fish Hatchery 0:00 (0200 24 Jun 2013)
Massive       1:48
Elbert        4:04
La Plata TH   5:15
La Plata      7:06
Winfield      8:08
Huron        10:20
Missouri     12:30
Belford      13:34 (quit).
Video: preparation attempt aftermath

Ben Clark attempted a north to south traverse starting at Aug. 25, 2013 at 5:01 AM. He made 7 summits ending at Oxford. SPOT track. Report. Splits:

Fish Hatchery 0501 25 Aug 2013
Massive       0742
Halfmoon Rd   0902 (via W side)
Elbert        1122 (via NW ridge)
Lake Fork     1312 (via Bull Hill, Echo Canyon)
La Plata      1627
Winfield      1807
Huron         2123
Clohesy Lake  0005 26 Aug 2013 (via Lois Lake)
Missouri      0401
Missouri G.   0755 (via trail in whiteout conditions)
Belford       0856
Oxford        0946
Pine Creek TH 1725

Gavin McKenzie attempted a north to south traverse on Aug 27, 2013 and made 7 summits. Splits reported on facebook:

Fish Hatchery 0506 27 Aug 2013
Massive       0736
Elbert        1033
La Plata      1439
Huron         1951
Missouri      0443 28 Aug 2013
Belford       0652
Oxford        0740
Pine Creek TH 1546

Julian Smith ran 12 summits in a south to north traverse on Aug 30-Sept 1, 2013. SPOT track. Trackleaders. Report.

Start at TH   0500 30 Aug 2013
Shavano       0732
Tabeguache    0803
Antero        1310
Grouse Gulch  1543
Princeton     1846
CO trail      2144
Avalanche TH  0001 31 Aug 2013
Yale          0502
Cottonwood    0807
Columbia      1142
Harvard       1537
Pine Creek    1742
Oxford        2007
Belford       2113
Missouri      0110 1 Sep 2013
Closesy Lake  0332
Huron         0800?
Winfield      1013
La Plata      1509
Rt 82         2033 (done)

Kenny Jolley ran 3 summits north to south on Sept. 6-7 2013. SPOT track.

Fish Hatchery 0610 6 Sep 2013
Massive       0839
Halfmoon TH   1032 via west slope
Elbert        1232 via NW ridge
Lake Fork TH  1632 via Echo Canyon
La Plata      2035
Winfield      0159 7 Sep 2013 (done)

Kenny Jolley made another attempt, again running 3 summits north to south on Sept. 20 2013. SPOT track.

Fish Hatchery 0323 20 Sep 2013
Massive       0629
Halfmoon Rd   0726 via W side, 110J
Elbert        1024
Lake Fork TH  1228
La Plata      1558
Winfield      1830 (done).

Ben Clark made 10 summits north to south on Sept. 25-27, 2013. SPOT track.

Fish Hatchery 0605 25 Sep 2013
Massive       0844
Elbert        1246
La Plata      1818
Winfield      2102
Huron         0042 26 Sep 2013
Cloyses Lk    0710
Missouri      0926
Belford       1140
Oxford        1240
Harvard       1637
Columbia      1859
Cottonwood    2130
Yale          0133 27 Sep 2013
Denny Ck TH   0357
Maxwell Gulch 1019 (quit with storm on Princeton)
Princeton TH  1221

2014 Trip Reports

Denver Post article, Sept. 20, 2014.
Outside Online article, Sept. 24, 2014
Discussion on

57:18 Unsupported. Andrew Hamilton completed a S-N traverse starting Sept. 12, 2014 at 5:40 AM and summitted Massive Sept. 14 at 2:58 PM. He exited at Fish Hatchery at 5:59 PM (60:19). Track.

14 Days Unsupported. Rohan Roy and Anna Lauer Roy completed an unsupported S-N traverse on skis with overnight camps in 14 days on Apr 16-30, 2014. The winter route was about 130 miles at mostly lower elevations with a climb to each summit and skiing back to camp. Plan. Summary. Website.

54:47. Gavin McKenzie (report) and Brandon Stapanowich (report) completed a N-S traverse starting Aug. 29, 2014 at 5:30 AM. They reached Shavano at 12:18 PM Aug. 31 (54:47) and the trailhead (Blank cabin) at 1:51 PM (56:19:15). Track Leaders. SPOT track. Video report.

57:24. Brandon Worthington completed a N-S traverse starting Aug. 30, 2014 at 5:55 AM. He reached Shavano at 3:19 PM Sept. 1 (57:24) and the TH at 5:19 PM (59:24). Partner Jason Antin dropped after Huron (4 summits) with a knee injury. SPOT track.

60:37. David Ruttum made a S-N traverse starting on Aug. 30, 2014 at 4:00 AM. He summitted Massive at 4:37 PM (60:37) and reached the trailhead (Fish Hatchery) at 63 hours. SPOT track.

12. Missy Gosney and Jason Koop completed 12 summits (Fish Hatchery to Antero) in 54:32 starting at 6:00 AM MDT Aug. 10, 2014. Brett Gosney stopped at the summit of Harvard (8 summits) after 29:29. SPOT Track.

9. Ben Clark started a N-S traverse on Sept. 3 at 7:04 AM, summitted Columbia on Sept. 4 at 3:33 PM (32:29) and exited at Avalanche Gulch trailhead on Sept. 5 at 1:07 AM (42:03) after being caught in a storm 600 feet below the summit of Yale and getting lost on the descent. The track shows only the first 9 summits because he switched packs at Cottonwood and his SPOT tracker unintentionally went back with his crew.

9. Jason Halladay completed 9 summits N-S, abandoning partly up Yale due to illness. He started Aug. 29, 2014 5:00 AM. He reached Columbia at 2:35 PM Aug. 30 (33:35) and the TH at 38:43. GPX track.

9. Ginny Laforme completed 9 summits S-N (Shavano to Belford) in 61:49 starting Aug. 30, 2014 at 4:30 AM. She exited Missouri Gulch at 64:59. SPOT track.

7. Julian Smith completed 7 summits N-S starting Aug. 29, 2014 at 5:00 AM. He summitted Oxford at 9:52 AM Aug. 30 (28:52) and exited Pine Creek at 3:30 PM. SPOT track.

7. Benjamin Clark and Josh Butson attempted an unsupported N-S traverse at 7:18 AM Sept. 20, 2014. Butson was out with a sprained ankle after 3 summits (La Plata). They camped one night at Lake Fork and Clark camped a second night on the Oxford summit in heavy rain and wind followed by 6 inches of snow after summitting at 9:13 PM (37:55). He exited Pine Creek at 7:38 PM (60:20) after bad weather all day. Track.

7. Britt Nic Dick attempted an unsupported solo N-S traverse starting Aug. 24, 2014 at 6:30 AM and ending at Oxford (7 summits) on Aug. 26 at 11:41 AM (53:21). SPOT track (click on (+) to show track). Report.

7. Israel Archuletta completed 7 summits N-S (Massive to Oxford) in 61.5 hours on Aug 29-31, 2014. photos. SPOT track. video. Report.

6. Will Carlton completed 6 summits N-S (Massive to Belford) in 35:06 starting on Aug. 29, 2014 at 5:00 AM. SPOT track.

5. Peter Jones and Kendrick Callaway completed 5 summits (Massive to Missouri) on Aug 7-8. Report.

2015 Trip Reports

57:55 by Missy Gosney and Anna Frost from Fish Hatchery to Shavano are the first women to complete 14 summits in 60 hours on Aug. 16-18, 2015. SPOT track. National Geographic Adventures. Outside. Trail Runner. Colorado Runner.

53:52 by David Ruttum from Fish Hatchery to Shavano starting at 9:05 PM, Aug. 27, 2015. Time to Blank Cabin is 55:38. SPOT track.

51:24 unsupported by Andrew Hamilton from Blank Cabin to Massive, and 53:39 to Fish Hatchery, Sept. 20-22, 2015. Both are fastest known times, supported or otherwise. SPOT track. Denver Post. Trailrunner. Splits:

0705 Start at Blank Cabin, Sept. 20, 2015.
0906 Shavano
0938 Tabeguache
1225 Antero
1742 Princeton
0129 Yale
0610 Columbia
0840 Harvard
1212 Oxford
1258 Belford
1432 Missouri
1813 Huron
2342 La Plata
0618 Elbert
1029 Massive
1244 Finish at Fish Hatchery, Sept. 22.

12. by Jason Halladay (Shavano to La Plata) in a group of 6 on Sept. 4-6, 2015 in 57:07. Trip report. GPS track.

10. by Ben Clark from Fish Hatchery at 0600 Sept. 25 2015 to Yale at 0110 Sept. 27 (43:10) and Avalanche Gulch at 0747 (49:47). Report. SPOT track. Instagram.

3. by Naomi Plasterer on Aug. 19 from Blank Cabin to Antero in 13:24:13 with a broken foot. Report. Guide. Public Opinion.

3. by Ben Clark unsupported on Sept. 1 from Fish Hatchery to La Plata in 13:44. Interrupted due to storms and rain. SPOT track.

3. by Justin Spumoni on about Sept. 10 from Fish Hatchery to La Plata. Report.

The Runners

Gordon Hardman, 49, of Boulder CO, has finished Hardrock 7 times, with a best time of 33:59:55 (6'th place) in 1996. Two of these finishes (9'th and 14'th place) resulted in being hospitalized overnight with high altitude pulmonary edema.

Blake Wood, 41, of Los Alamos NM, has finished the Hardrock 100 7 times, including first place in 1999 in 30:10:58. In 2000 he completed 90 miles of the Barkley, the second furthest distance achieved by anyone since 1985, before being turned around by a raging river after two days of rain. In 2001 he finished Barkley in 58:21 with David Horton, only the second and third people to finish in over 400 attempts. He has experience in 24 hour orienteering events and multi-day trail runs.

Fred Vance originated the Nolan's 14. In 1998 he ran Barkley, Hardrock, and Badwater in a single year. After suffering pulmonary edema at Hardrock, which slowed him to an unofficial 51:38 finish, he recovered to finish Badwater 4 days later, running 135 miles from Death Valley to the Mt. Whitney portals in 46:34, 10'th place, in temperatures up to 129 F.

Steve Simmons, 34, WV, ran Hardrock in 40:57:57 (19'th) in 1998, two weeks after finishing the Western States 100. His training for Hardrock included swimming in a partially frozen lake at 13,000 ft.

Matt Mahoney, 46, of Melbourne FL, finished Hardrock 3 times with a best time of 42:17:42 (32'nd) in 2000.

Eric Robinson, 31, of Berkeley CA, finished Hardrock twice with a best time of 36:59:03 (23'rd) in 1999. In Dec. 1999 he ran 306 miles in a 6 day race.

Jim Nolan is not a runner, but has climbed all 54 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado, and determined that the most peaks it is possible to summit in 100 miles is 14.

Joe Florio worked at a backcountry aid station in 1999 and climbed three of the 14 summits on the course.

Mike Tilden, 35, of Utah won Nolans 14 in 2001, running from the Fish Hatchery to the summit of Shavano in 56:22. He has finished the Hardrock 100 twice with a best time of 34:39 (17'th) in 2000.

John Robinson, OR, ran Hardrock in 35:28 (18'th) in 2001, 3 weeks after running 19:48 (13'th) at the Western States 100.

Jim Nelson, 41, UT, has finished Hardrock twice with a best time of 30:43 in 2000 (4th overall).

Ginny LaForme, 51, of Espanola NM finished Hardrock twice with a best time of 46:17 (54'th) in 1999. She has finished the Eco Challenge in 8 1/2 days. She is a rock climbing instructor and former nationally ranked weightlifter.

Steve Bremner has climbed all of the 54 14,000 ft. peaks in Colorado by 2001 (see

Dennis Herr, 54, VA, has fininshed Hardrock 3 times with a best time of 33:37 (2'nd) in 1992. In 1993 he slept 9 hours on the course and still finished 6'th in 35:52.

Hans Dieter Weisshaar, 61, of Germany finished Hardrock in 45:23 (49'th) in 2000, one of 20 100 mile races completed that year at age 60.

Simon Shadowlight worked at the Pine Creek aid station in 2000.

Betsy Kalmeyer set a course record 29:58 at Hardrock.

Matt Mahoney,