Matt Mahoney's 2001 Colorado Vacation

Mt. Huron, 14,003 Ft.

July 5, 2001. The day after climbing Mt. La Plata (sorry, no pictures), I climbed Mt. Huron with Jeff Collins, Dennis Herr and Gary Fraser (below, on the summit with the Three Aposles in the background). Later they went on to climb Missouri but I couldn't keep up. Oh yeah, just wait until next week when I'm better acclimated! (Jeff Collins, paced by Gary, later finished Hardrock in 40:00:48, 5 hours ahead of me. Dennis "animal" Herr has done a 33:37 in 1992).

On the summit.

Descending the east slopes of Huron, not the normal route, but that's how we'll have to do it during Nolan's 14. Really, it's steeper than it looks.

Lois Lake, on the east slope of Huron.